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Personal Care Bundle - Razor - Hair Brush with Comb - Makeup Removal + FREE GIFT Cotton Buds

Personal Care Bundle - Razor - Hair Brush with Comb - Makeup Removal + FREE GIFT Cotton Buds

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Give yourself special treatment with this special Personal Care Bundle  

Rose Gold Safety Razor with replacement blades: Enjoy a close, gentle shave without contributing to landfill while the luxe rose gold finish will also look pretty in your bathroom.

Bamboo Hair Brush with Wooden Comb: Change your plastic hair brush and comb to sustainable bamboo and wooden comb

100% Bio-degradable , plastic free, natural organic bamboo and pear wood.

Reusable Bamboo makeup removal facial pads: Change your facial make-up removers to sustainable bamboo and cotton facial pad.

Bamboo Cotton Buds: Change your plastic cotton buds to sustainable bamboo and cotton buds. 

What you get

1 x Bamboo Hair Brush    

1 x Wooden Comb

1 x ROSE GOLD Razor

1x Pack of 10 Blades  

10 x Reusable bamboo cotton make-up remover pads   

1 x cotton mesh bag

FREE GIFT: 1 x box of 100 cotton buds made from bamboo and cotton

Material and Size

Hair Brush and Comb

  •  Hair Brush: Natural organic bamboo
  •  Comb: Pear Wood Razor

    Hair Brush: Length 22.5 cm  Width: 7cm

    Comb: Length 16 cm  Width 5.3cm 


  • Ultra-durable zinc alloy razor head.
  • Handle is Brass.
  • Electroplated with a ROSE GOLD finish
  • Ultra-durable Stainless Steel with platinum surface

    Length: 11.8cm

    Makeup Removal Facial Pads

  • Facia pads: Bamboo outer layer with cotton inner
  • Mesh bag: Cotton

    Diameter 8cm


    Bamboo Cotton Buds - Set of 100 pack

  • Natural organic cotton and bamboo

     Length 7cm


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