Story of simplyThinkECO

“Once upon a time there was a king and queen and a little princess. They loved and cared about their land and the beautiful Green Earth………” so lovely fairy tale.

Green Earth? lets get back to the reality.

Plastic is taking over human world, we use plastic for almost everything. From brushing teeth in the morning, water bottles, plastic straws, hair brushes, toys, grocery bags, packaging, food takeaways and many more until brushing teeth again before going to bed. 

Plastics take hundreds of years to decompose. Plastic products like single-use plastics such as bags, cups and straws they don’t fully degrade and remain in the environment for hundreds or even thousands of years. Instead of fully degrading and being naturally absorbed into the environment, most plastics will break into little small pieces of plastic, where it can be ingested by wildlife and marine life.

So where and when the change needs to start and who is going to stop using single use plastic? The answer is not the other person or my neighbour or only those who care about nature.

The answer is "The change needs to start with me and you".

We realised that and we want to help to make that change happen and help others in a way that they will take a step to make this change happen.

That’s when the “simplyThinkECO” was born.  

Our mission is to reach millions of people around the globe with our products and inspire people to live with plastic free life.

We are located at Queensland, Australia.

Please support us and join our journey.

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simplyThinkECO Team

Meet some of our best selling products:

Rose Gold Razor

 simplythineco Rose gold Razor


Hair Brush and Comb

 simplythinkeco Bamboo Hair brush and comb

Rose Gold Bent Straws


simplythinkeco Rose Gold Bent Straw, stainless steel straw, metal straw, plastic free, eco friendly