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Bundle - For Beginner | Start your plastic free journey

Bundle - For Beginner | Start your plastic free journey

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Start your plastic free ECO journey with this ECO Bundle for beginners 

Bamboo Hair Brush with Wooden Comb: Change your plastic hair brush and comb to sustainable bamboo and wooden comb

100% Bio-degradable , plastic free, natural organic bamboo and pear wood.

Bamboo Cotton Buds: Change your plastic cotton buds to sustainable bamboo and cotton buds. 

Rose Gold Stainless steel straws- Bent: Change your plastic straws to sustainable stainless steel straws. 

Adult bamboo toothbrushes: Change your plastic toothbrush to sustainable natural bamboo and nylon toothbrushes. 

What you get

1 x Bamboo Hair Brush    

1 x Wooden Comb

1 x box of 100 cotton buds made from bamboo and cotton

4 ROSE GOLD stainless steel straws - Bent 
Bonus 4 silicon tips
2 brushes
1 cotton bag

 4 silicon tips. (Please note that colours of silicon tips will be chosen randomly and you cant choose the colour.)

4 x adult sized bamboo toothbrush - Round

Material and Size

Hair Brush and Comb

  •  Hair Brush: Natural organic bamboo
  •  Comb: Pear Wood 

    Hair Brush: Length 22.5 cm  Width: 7cm

    Comb: Length 16 cm  Width 5.3cm 


    Bamboo Cotton Buds - Set of 100 pack

  • Natural organic cotton and bamboo      

    Length 7cm


    Rose Gold Stainless steel straws- Bent:

  • Made from #304 food grade stainless steel.

    6mm diameter and height 215mm is perfect for juices, smoothies, iced coffee, water, milk and more.

    Adult bamboo toothbrush


  • Toothbrush handle is made of pure Bamboo.
  • The soft bristles are made of nylon

    Adult Toothbrush: 19cm

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