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Bamboo Hair Brush with Comb | Healthy Hair Eco-Friendly Bamboo Brush | Massage

Bamboo Hair Brush with Comb | Healthy Hair Eco-Friendly Bamboo Brush | Massage

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Change your plastic hair brush and comb to sustainable bamboo and wooden comb

Easy step to say no to plastic.

100% Bio-degradable , plastic free, natural organic bamboo and pear wood.

Engraved with our logo.

What you get

1 x Bamboo Hair Brush

1 x Wooden Comb


  •  Hair Brush: Natural organic bamboo
  •  Comb: Pear Wood


     Hair Brush: Length 22.5 cm  Width: 7cm

     Comb: Length 16 cm  Width 5.3cm 


     We can add your personalised gift message with a gift wrapper if you are giving this to someone as a gift for their birthday or gift for a festival season. While purchasing just mark it as a gift.

    Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources and environmentally sound plants on earth.
    It has a rapid re-growth cycle, can be grown without chemicals.
    It can also be grown in soil damaged by over grazing or poor agriculture technique.

    Why Is There a Hole In The Cushion Of My Brush?
    This air cushion is to provide ventilation and to aid in drainage after the brush has been washed, air can circulate underneath.
    Additionally it helps to prevent any bacterial growth that could occur with pooling water on the inside of the brush.
    If there was not a hole, the cushion would trap the moisture, and eventually ruin the brush.
    Meanwhile the hole keeps air pressure balanced by air hole.

    Best choice hair brush
    Wooden hair brushes are the best choice for keeping your hair healthy and gorgeous.
    They are suitable for all hair types and have many benefits over a regular plastic brush. Bamboo or wooden hair brushes are a popular option for those looking to enhance the look and health of their hair on a daily basis after the morning and nightly brush.
    By Bamboo or wooden hairbrushes, The hair bristles themselves are wood not just the handle and paddle. The bristles are what is mainly in contact with your hair.

    Wooden bristles feel like little massaging fingers on your scalp and will help increase circulation on your scalp, bringing nutrients to the hair follicles.


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